• Linear Polarizers
  • Circular Polarizers
  • Wave Retarders

A wide variety of polarizing film is available free-standing or laminated with hard coatings for scratch resistance. More...

Pre-Cut Filters

Display Filters
  • Linear & Circular
  • Wave Retarders
  • Acrylic & Glass

A wide range of acrylic and glass laminated linear, circular polarizing and wave retarding filters already cut to size. More...

Display Filters

Display Filters
  • Acrylic, Poly & Glass
  • Anti-glare Surfaces
  • Hard Coatings

Contrast enhancement filters greatly enhance the readability of displays by increasing contrast and reducing glare. More...

3M Display Films

Polarized Animation
  • Prismatic Films
  • Reflective/Reflector
  • Brightness & Privacy

3M films improve the brightness, energy efficiency, sunlight readability, contrast and durability of LCD displays. More...

Aircraft Window Elements

Aircraft Window Elements
  • Beechcraft King Airs
  • Turbo Props
  • Jets

Polarized airplane window elements are designed to control the brightness of sunlight by rotating a pair of polarizers. More...

Sunglass Demonstration Cards

Sunglass Demostration Cards
  • Glare Cards
  • Glare Displays
  • Custom Artwork

Custom demonstration cards and displays to show the advantages of polarized eyewear to customers at the point of purchase. More...

3D Filters and Eyewear

3D Filters and Eyewear
  • 3D Glasses
  • 3D Projector Filters
  • High Quality & Clarity

Linear and circular polarized projector lens filters and 3D glasses for multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators. More...

Polarized Animation

Polarized Animation
  • POP Displays
  • Trade Show Signs
  • Visual Presentations

Patterned polarizer creates animation for point of purchase displays, trade show signs and visual presentations. More...