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American Polarizers Obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

American Polarizers Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture of polarized filters and other optical products, has announced it has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. Already an industry leader, the implementation of ISO standards will help the company further improve its ability to meet the needs and quality requirements of the foremost corporations around the globe.

Because the ISO standard specifies requirements for an effective quality management program, ISO 9001:2015 certification will help API assure customers of consistently high-quality products and services through process control which in turn will lead to increased levels of satisfaction among API customers, API management, and API employees. In addition, having ISO documented procedures for every function in the organization will drive improvements not only in quality but also across most business processes from sales through distribution.

API President Jeff Snyder said that the company has always pushed to “continually drive quality improvement and streamline manufacturing.” Snyder said the ISO certification will help API maintain its leadership position by driving ongoing quality improvement. He added, “We are always striving to do better – better products, better quality, better service for customers.”

Snyder explained that the consistent high-quality production resulting from API’s implementation of ISO 9000:2015 standards and processes will not only assure customers of high-quality products but will also make it easier for them to plan for their own growth and success. “With the ISO program in place,” said Snyder, “our customers are assured up front that API is complying with internationally recognized and approved quality standards. Budgeting and planning are a lot easier when you know the products you order are going to be consistently high quality and delivered on time.”

API anticipates stronger, more enduring customer relations as the ISO processes take hold and its customers see the results. Snyder explained that setting firm quality goals will drive more efficient and more consistent manufacturing processes. He said, “The ISO certification has given us additional control over our manufacturing processes. We’ll be able to respond to customer needs faster with more innovation. Firm quality management procedures will also favorably impact control over manufacturing costs which will help API maintain competitive pricing.“

Since its founding in 1960, API has followed a business model focused on integrating overall business strategy with quality assurance. The ISO certification will enhance this strategy by implementing methods that are measurable and foster accountability. Ensuring that all manufacturing systems are documented, have training programs, follow standard operating procedures, are subject to audits and are repeatable will help promote a long-term employee, supplier and customer satisfaction.


For more information about American Polarizers’ capabilities and services, please contact API, 141 South Seventh St., Reading PA 19602. Tel: 610-373-5177. Fax: 610-373-2229. Email [email protected] Web:

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