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Circular Polarizer with 50% Transmission Offers Increased Display Brightness While Reducing Glare.

The new 50% transmission circular polarizers are offered in neutral grey with right or left-handed polarization.

American Polarizers, Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of polarized filters and other optical products, has developed a new circular polarizer filter with a 50% transmission level. Whereas most circular polarizers have maximum transmission levels of around 42%, the API high transmission circular polarizers assure that more light is transmitted through the filter to the viewer resulting in a brighter display.

“We’ve focused our expertise in polarized filter manufacturing on achieving an optimum balance between transmission and extinction,” said API President Jeff Snyder. “The new API circular polarizer offers design engineers the very latest advancements in this area. This is a unique product that offers a circular polarizer with a transmission level as high as 50%,” he said. Snyder went on to say that the API high transmission filters represent a timely addition to the market in light of the current push for increasing energy efficiency in emissive displays.

The filters are available in standard sheet sizes from 8×10 inches up to 18×24 inches as well as custom sizes. To accommodate requests for specially shaped filters, API utilizes in-house laser cutting and waterjet technology to fabricate circular polarizer filters in custom shapes specified by the customer. API will also provide the high transmission circular polarizers laminated to glass or acrylic. Anti-reflection, anti-glare, and conductive coatings may be specified for the acrylic and glass filters.

Optics design engineers will find applications for API’s 50% transmission circular polarizers as pre-and clean-up polarizers, glare reducing and display enhancing polarizers, in low light environments, in machine vision displays, in-camera filters and elsewhere.

As with all API polarizers, the new API 50% transmission circular polarizer offers low birefringence, high resolution and clarity, excellent heat and humidity resistance and superior durability. The polarizers are offered in neutral grey with right or left-handed polarization.


For more information about circular polarizers with 50% transmission levels contact American Polarizers Inc., 141 South Seventh St., Reading PA 19602. Tel: 610-373-5177. Fax: 610-373-2229. Email sales@apioptics.com. Web: www.apioptics.com

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