linear films

Linear Polarizer Films

API linear polarizer films are an excellent solution for applications that require glare reduction due to reflected light, including camera filters, sunglasses, and machine vision systems.

  • Adhesive or non-adhesive backed linear polarizers
  • Acrylic or glass laminating capabilities
  • Numerous transmissions available
  • Wide range of thicknesses
  • Laser and waterjet cutting services for custom requirements
  • Replacements for Polaroid and 3M HN32, HN38, HN42, HN42HE

We also manufacture a multi-axis linear polarizer for animation (Polarmotion) and sunglass demonstration applications. Our ability to print a polarizer by selectively placing more than one axis on a sheet gives you a broader range of options. By combining the multi-axis polarizer with a spinning linear polarizer, motion is simulated. In addition, we can create cards that do not show any picture until polarized sunglasses are worn.

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