Polarizers & Optical Filters
  • Very High Extinction 32% Neutral Grey Linear Polarizer
  • No Hard Coatings
  • Triacetate (CTA) substrate
  • This film is not for Acrylic or Glass laminates, please see the Acrylic and Glass laminate sections of our website for those products
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Transmission-single pass (400-700nm) 32%
Transmission-doublepass, parallel (400-700nm) 19%
Transmission-crossed (400-700nm) 0.004%
Thickness .015" +/-.003"
Color neutral_grey
Substrate Cellulose Triacetate
Finish Both sides: Smooth, Uncoated
Axis Direction
Efficiency (400-700nm) 99.98%
Environmental -50°C to 65°C