3M Display Surface Films

3M surface display films combine display protection and viewing enhancement for low-reflection screen clarity, even in bright lighting conditions. Protect your investment with all that 3M films have to offer:

  • Protection: Helps improve both durability and the readability of display screens, providing a new solution for users working on screens in a wider variety of environments.
  • Reflection Reduction: Improves your overall screen view with neutral-color, anti-reflection technology. The anti-reflection and anti-glare properties reduce ambient light reflection and diffuse mirror-like reflections that can disrupt a clear view of display.
  • Touch Screen Capability: Thin, non-conductive film maintains the responsiveness of today’s advanced touch panel technologies, providing an upgrade in display protection that doesn’t disrupt your device operation.
  • Application: Residue-free adhesive technology with stay-clean edges makes the films easy to apply and remove on a wide variety of display screens.