Passive 3D Filters & Eyewear black tinted sunglasses | American Polarizers, Inc.

Polarized 3D Glasses and Filters

API is a world leader in very high end polarized 3D eyewear and projection filters.  Our linear 3D and circularly polarized 3D glasses and filters are ideal for passive 3D applications. Our glass 3D filters and eyewear with high performance acrylic lenses are unsurpassed in quality, clarity, and performance. Our circularly polarizer 3DLux® eyewear and filters are retardance matched for optimal performance.

  • Circular polarizer 3DLux® 3D glasses with high performance acrylic lenses compatible with RealD movies
  • Linear polarized glasses compatible with IMAX 3D movies
  • High extinction achromatic quarter wave plates used with circular polarizer filters and 3DLux lenses for excellent stereo separation
  • Linear & circular polarized 3D projection filters
  • AR coatings on all glass 3D projection filter optics
  • Excellent 3D image separation and transmission
  • Custom axis available

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