Beechcraft King Air 350 Aircraft with entry stairs deployed | American Polarizers, Inc.

Eclipse® Polarized Window Shades For Aircraft

API Eclipse® polarized aircraft window shades meet or exceed all King Air original equipment specifications and performance criteria. Our innovative polarizing window shade outperforms all other sunlight control systems. Using the scientific principles of light polarization, our polarized windows are unlike ordinary blinds and shades.  Our Eclipse® polarizer aircraft window shades provide full cabin control of sunlight from bright to near opaque and everything in-between.

  • FAA/PMA approved manufacturer
  • Excellent quality & service
  • Producer of King Air polarizing windows for over 40 years
  • FAA 8130-3 certificate available for PMA windows (request on order)
  • Manufacturer of OEM & FAA/PMA aftermarket aircraft window shades
  • Available for Beechcraft King Air and also Beechjet, Falcon, Hawker Siddley and Westwind.

Trust the Leader in Specialty Polarizers

We offer an Eclipse® polarizer window shade for Beechcraft King Airs, Beechjets, Falcons, Hawker Siddleys and Westwinds.

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