glass circular polarizer

Circular Polarizers

API circular polarizers are optimal for use in camera, video and sensor applications where sensitivity to linearly polarized light is an issue, but glare reduction is required. Circular polarization is also used in 3D applications as an alternative to linear polarizers.

API circular polarizers are a combination of a linear polarizer and a quarter wave retarder. The result is excellent glare reduction for emissive displays, among other benefits.

  • Various thicknesses available
  • Acrylic and glass laminate options available
  • Various colors and transmissions for acrylic laminates
  • Laser and waterjet cutting services for custom requirements
  • Replacements for Polaroid and 3M HNCP10 (acrylic) HNCP37, HNCP37 NG

Want to learn more about circular polarization? See how it works.

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