Examples of Display Optical Filters in electronic instrument screens | American Polarizers, Inc.

Custom Optical Filter Options

API display enhancement optical filters improve the readability of light emitting displays for a variety of applications in computers, electronics, instrumentation, and medical equipment. Our display filters transmit visual information to the eye clearly, quickly, and comfortably for optimum readability over a wide range of ambient lighting situations — from bright sunlight to total darkness. In addition, API display filters improve the contrast for your display and lighting environment with options such as anti-reflection coatings. Choose from optical display filters that are polarized and non-polarized acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass options.

  • Anti glare film and and optical filter solutions
  • Anti reflective film and display filters
  • Silk screening and conductive bus bar application available
  • Clear hard coatings available
  • Adhesive gasket application available
  • Custom laser cutting and machining

The Clear Choice for
Optical & Display Filters

Turn your product ideas into successful solutions by partnering with API, a global leader in the field of optical technology. Our expertise in polarization is backed by nearly 60 years of experience and industry-leading product development standards, including ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality control.

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