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Near IR (Infrared) Linear Polarizers

Our polymer based near infrared (NIR) polarizer is a great cost effective solution for your product. Our APIR29-020 is effective not only in the visible from 400-760 nanometers but also in the near infrared from 760 to 2000 nanometers.

This is an improved replacement for 3M’s/Polaroid’s HR near IR linear polarizer. Near infrared linear polarizers are ideal for shutter and light control devices for IR lasers, LED and other infrared sources, photodetectors in non-visible security systems, infrared photography and crystallographic studies.

  • Visible 400-760nm and NIR 760-2000nm spectrum
  • Cost effective quality
  • Polymer based films
  • In-stock filters or custom shapes and sizes
  • Available in film and acrylic or glass laminations

Want to learn more? View near IR polarizer product specifications.

Need a Custom Cut Filter?

API is proud to offer industry leading laser and water jet cutting abilities.
Paired with state of the art optical part measuring equipment, we provide the accuracy and precision your project demands.

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