near ir infrared linear polarizers

Near IR (Infrared) Linear Polarizers

Our polymer based near infrared (NIR) polarizer is a great cost effective solution for your product.

Our APIR29-020 is effective not only in the visible from 400-760 nanometers but also in the near infrared from 760 to 2000 nanometers.

This is an improved replacement for 3M’s/Polaroid’s HR near IR linear polarizer. Near infrared linear polarizers are ideal for shutter and light control devices for IR lasers, LED and other infrared sources, photodetectors in non-visible security systems, infrared photography and crystallographic studies.

  • Visible 400-760nm and NIR 760-2000nm
  • Can be laminated between acrylic or glass
  • Cost effective quality
  • Polymer based

Want to learn more about Near Infrared polarization? View NIR product specifications.

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