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Wave Plates & Retarders

API quarter waveplate and half wave plate are single layer polycarbonate films for great performance and clarity. Wave retarders are birefringent materials that alter (retard) the polarization state or phase of light traveling through them.

Our wave retarders feature uniform birefringence, very low haze, good environmental stability, and excellent wide-angle view performance. API can laminate quarter wave retarders in 560nm (140nm OPD) and half wave retarders in 560nm (280nm OPD) for increased durability and optical performance.

  • Quarter wave plate and half waveplate films
  • High clarity
  • Uniform birefringence
  • Polycarbonate based films
  • Available as a film or laminated between acrylic or glass
  • In-house laser & waterjet cutting for acrylic and glass laminates

Want to learn more about wave plate retarders? See how it works.

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