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Polarmotion™ Polarized Animation

Polarmotion™ Polarized Animation from API is ideal for point of purchase displays, trade show exhibits, animated signs, visual presentations, and classroom transparencies. See the technology API employs to create these eye-catching displays:

Sign Face: Where the motion is seen, the more transmissive the artwork, the better. API helps you select the appropriate design. We can then apply sample motions to your artwork for you to see the results.

Film Adhesion: After the initial prototyping, we can then create Custom Motion for you. The process involves API making a custom printing matrix specific to the chosen sign face. After that, you can just peel and stick our Polarmotion™ film to your sign.

Light Box: The finished face needs to be placed into a light box. Florescent light is preferred due to lower temperature. The deeper the box, the better the display. API can supply the boxes if necessary.

Electric Motor for Spinner: An electric 60 RPM synchronous motor is then placed in the center of the box. The motor drives the polarized spinner.

Polarized Spinner: Finally, a polarized spinner is attached to the electric motor. The spinner is necessary to make the Polarmotion™ film come alive. We can supply nearly any diameter you need depending on the size of the light box and the animation used.

Polarmotion Fact Sheet
Molson Hi Dry Polarmotion sign | American Polarizers, Inc.

Polarmotion Fact Sheet

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