Example of 3D Glasses & Clip-Ons with dark wood sunglasses | American Polarizers, Inc.

Linear and Circular Polarized 3D Glasses & Clip-Ons

From the world leader in high end passive 3D eyewear and projection filters comes 3DLux, a new linear and circular polarized lens that offers the highest quality, clarity, and performance available today. Our 3DLux Series linear and circular polarized glasses offer excellent clarity, resolution, extinction, and transmission with little color shift. They are ideal for a wide range of 3D applications including multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators. We offer our linear and circular polarizer frames in two styles: Captain and Terminator. We also offer linear and circular polarizer clip-on/flip-ups.

  • Linear and circular polarized lenses
  • Excellent clarity & resolution
  • Improved transmission & extinction
  • Circular polarized acrylic lens
  • Frames and non-acrylic clip-ons
  • Neutral color
  • Non-standard axis available