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3D Projection Filters

API manufactures linear and circular polarizers for a wide range of 3D projection systems. Our polarizer filters are superior in clarity, resolution, and performance. 3D linear polarizer and circular polarizer filters are available in acrylic (no coatings) and glass (anti-reflective coatings on both sides). Our linear and circular polarizer filters are designed for high transmission and low image ghosting. The circular polarizer filters consist of a linear polarizer and a special achromatic high temperature/low haze quarter wave retarder. Combined with our years of experience with optical laminations, our laminated filters offer excellent clarity and resolution.

  • Linear polarized
  • Circular polarized with high performance achromatic waveplate
  • Acrylic or glass substrates
  • Anti-reflective coatings available on glass
  • Excellent resolution & clarity
  • Superior extinction & contrast
  • Custom axis available


About Our 3D Filters

Over 20 years experience making passive 3D filters and eyewear
Available as linear and circular polarizers
Linear polarizer and circular polarizer components selected to provide best stereo image
Sizes available up to 14” x 20”
Custom axis available

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