Orthorectified Aerial Drone Image for Photogrammetry

API Polarizers Improve Photogrammetry Images for 3D Applications

API offers a wide range of options for photogrammetry image capturing for 3D modeling, gaming development applications, and computer-generated imagery.

Photogrammetry is the practice of gaining 3D information on an object by capturing 2D data from different perspectives. This is accomplished using various methods, depending on the application. Some of these applications include construction, surveying, energy, agriculture, law enforcement, disaster response, art, historical preservation, and video games. In each application a color day camera or multi-spectral camera is typically employed whether it is handheld, mounted on a tripod, or integrated with a drone or UAV. For example, the aerial drone image above has been orthorectified (adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt) such that the scale is uniform and can be used for exact measurements.

The methods that software use to reconstruct 3D models are sensitive to some highly glossy and reflective surfaces shown in the 2D images. In many cases this results in significant loss of precision, and in extreme cases can prevent any usable model from being constructed.

Linear and circular polarizers can be used to improve the usefulness of the 3D reconstruction by both reducing glare from reflective surfaces and increasing color contrast. Our polarizing filters are currently used with great success for these applications.

Also note that multi-spectral cameras, sometimes referred to as hyperspectral cameras, such as arrays of visible and NIR cameras, can also benefit from broad-spectrum polarizers or from colored or visible blocking/IR passing filters to help reduce noise.

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