3D passive projection filters

Circular Polarized 3D Projection Filters Offer Optimized Transmission/Extinction Balance for Superior Viewing of 3D Images.

API glass 3D circular polarizing filters assure a clear 3D image with low distortion and superior 3D separation of left and right-handed images.


American Polarizers Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture of polarized filters and other optical products, offers glass 3D circular polarizing filters for use with dual projection systems. The filters are manufactured with careful attention given to polarized light transmission relative to extinction. Instead of focusing solely on increasing light transmission, API filters are fabricated to achieve an optimum balance between transmission and extinction. This results in a clear 3D image with low distortion and superior 3D separation of left and right-handed images.

“Our filters balance transmission and extinction better than anyone else’s,” said Nick Bentley, API President, “Because we have perfected this aspect of our manufacturing, our filters aren’t perceived as just another 3D commodity product. In fact, besides our North American and European business, we ship all over the world into markets that are very price sensitive. ” Further helping API to differentiate its filters from others and position API as a quality source is a spatial resolution of 48 lines per millimeter. “To put it in perspective,” said Bentley, “a high definition TV screen has about 1080 lines of resolution whereas our filters can resolve up to 5000 lines.”

API filters provide superior viewing properties and are available in a wide range of sizes up to 14 x 20 inches. Tight control of transmission characteristics gives the filters low ghosting properties even when used with high light output projection systems of up to 30,000 lumens. High-efficiency anti-reflective coatings on both sides enhance light transmission properties. Standard axis configuration is 0°/90° but API can readily meet user requirements for virtually any non-standard axis configuration whether for circularly or elliptically polarized filters.


For more information or technical assistance please contact API, 141 South Seventh St., Reading PA 19602. Tel: 610-373-5177. Fax: 610-373-2229. email [email protected]. Web: www.apioptics.com

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